The Fall 2014 Stratton Mindfulness Series
The Fall 2014 Stratton Mindfulness Series

Renowned Thought Leaders. A Series of Immersive and Intimate Weekends. This fall Stratton plays host to a number of the world's leading Mindfulness experts. Participants immerse in a unique, life-changing retreat amongst the spectacular surroundings of Vermont’s Green Mountains.
Sep 18 – Nov 16

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Mindfulness Changes Lives

Join Us for Mindfulness Training at a Wind Rose Retreat

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Mindfulness For All

Wind Rose Retreats invites you to attend our resort-hosted Mindfulness retreats. Our mission is to bring the practice of Mindfulness to all who can benefit. For those who are initiated, you will appreciate the knowledge and experience of the Mindfulness experts that lead our retreats. But for those who are new to the practice, our resort locations allow you a more comfortable and less intimidating pathway to Mindfulness. Either way, all attendees will have the opportunity for relaxation, recreation and restoration at the resort, while being immersed in a life-changing experience.

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Mindfulness Training – Immerse and Relax

Our retreats are life-changing experiences led by renowned mindfulness experts in intimate settings, providing you with tools that help foster lasting emotional, mental and physical well-being. There is also plenty of time for you to enjoy the relaxing amenities, healthy activities and peaceful surroundings of your retreat destination.

Mindfulness for an Awakened and Fulfilling Life

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Many of us feel unfulfilled and frustrated.
Our reaction is that we might lash out at those we love or participate in self-destructive behavior. These reactions just dig us deeper into a hole – more dissatisfaction, discouragement, and disappointment.

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Mindfulness is helping millions to find fulfillment, satisfaction and the means to cope with modern living.
The growth in popularity of mindfulness is because it’s accessible to all, has demonstrated success with a wide variety of people, and the tremendous amount of research that confirms its benefits.

Join Us at Our Retreats

Becoming Mindful is a process, but one that begins providing benefits right away. We encourage you to join us on a Wind Rose Mindfulness Retreat. Relax and revive at the resort, and leave renewed and transformed, with an awakened awareness for all that we touch.

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